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BC Withdrawal Management Services (Detox)

British Columbia Detox
Welcome to the BC detoxification page. Typically, when individuals or their family members are looking for detox resources they are in crisis. With crisis bring confusion. Where can I get help? How fast can I get in? This page will help you navigate detoxification programs in British Columbia.

Detox services are designed to stabilize individuals who have consumed mood-altering substances to toxic levels. Since going “cold turkey” from alcohol or drugs can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms and can result in potentially life-threatening medical complications, around the clock supervision by trained medical staff is recommended.

The length of stay in an alcohol and drug detox program  can vary between 3 to 7 days but, typically, are two or 3 days. Longer stays in detox may be required if opioids or alcohol are involved or if there are other medical conditions. During detox, little or no counselling is provided to the client.

Do You Need Treatment? Do You Need Detox?
We get a lot of calls from people that confuse the term ‘detox’ with ‘treatment’ so let’s clarify what both words mean. Detox means dealing with the physical aspects of consuming too much drugs or alcohol. The length of stay in a typical Vancouver detox is overnight to 7 days. Most clients are discharged after one overnight stay because there is so much demand for beds in a typical Vancouver detox.

Treatment, on the other hand, focuses on the psychological aspects of addiction. Treatment can last several weeks to several months if it is primary treatment. Primary treatment is more intensive with more clinical staff. Another form of residential treatment called support recovery or sober living has a length of stay of six months to several years but does not offer as much clinical support. The process is as follows: detox to primary treatment to sober living.

British Columbia Detoxes Don’t Address the Psychological Aspects of Addiction
The majority of detoxes don’t provide counselling or talk therapy. If you are looking for a program that addresses the psychological aspects of drug addiction or alcoholism consider residential treatment. Our addiction program, Sunshine Coast Health Center, is a short 25 minute flight from Vancouver and admissions can be scheduled within a few days. Sunshine Coast also has a medical detox so no clean/sober time is required prior to admission. For more information contact our Admissions Coordinator toll-free at 1(866) 487-9010, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or go to our Contact Us page to send us an email.

Most Detoxes in British Columbia are Free of Charge
It is important to note that there is no charge for detox at the programs list below as long as you are a resident of British Columbia and have a Medical Services Plan (MSP) card. One program, Western Canada Detox, is a rapid detox program that is fee-for-service because it is not covered by the province.

Don’t Detox Alone
Think again if you are considering detoxing alone at home. Detoxing from alcohol or from a combination of alcohol and other drugs (particularly prescription drugs) can be life-threatening. When travelling to a detox take a cab, a bus, or get a ride from a sober friend or family member. If your admission to alcohol detoxification is delayed consider small sips of alcohol rather than going cold turkey during the hours leading up to your detox admission. For more information on withdrawing from alcohol refer to the following alcohol information page.

There are Different Types of Detox Programs
Detox programs can be one of five varieties:

1. home detox (or daytox) – detoxification done at home which may include a visit from a nurse (see HOME DETOX section below)
2. social (non-medical) detox – detoxification provided in a residential setting but without the assistance of a nurse or physician (*)

3. medical detox – detoxification provided in a residential setting with the assistance of a nurse and physician. May be combined with residential treatment or as a separate service.

4. hospital detox – medical detoxification provided in an inpatient (hospital) setting

5. rapid detox – detox performed under anaesthesia by an addiction medicine specialist on an outpatient basis. Performed on individuals requiring opiate detoxification. This program is not covered by provincial insurance. See New Westminster Detox Programs below for a rapid detox provider.

Some residential treatment centers (particularly private centers) provide detox as a means of facilitating an admission to their residential program. Patients may not be able to access these detox beds without agreeing to stay for residential treatment (typically 4 to 7 weeks). See the Residential Services section for more information.
(*) Note: technically, social detox is not actually a medical service since medical personnel do not monitor the patient.

Central Referral Lines for BC Detox Services and Online Nursing Support
Access Central is for referrals to detox and supportive recovery housing. Access Central is staffed with social workers who can provide on-the-spot counselling and coping strategies. Hours are 9 am to 7:45 pm seven days a week. Messages left on voice mail will be returned the following day.
Access Central
Toll-free: 1(866) 658-1221
Website:  https://www.vch.ca/403/7676/?program_id=1856

D-Talks is a toll-free number for youth 12 to 21 requiring detox treatment services. D-Talks is staffed with social workers who can provide on-the-spot counselling and coping strategies. Hours are 9 am to 9 pm seven days a week.
D-Talks Youth Detox Line

Toll-free: 1(866) 658-1221

After hours: (604) 872-4349
Website: http://www.fsgv.ca/programpages/youthservices/youthdetox.html

The BC Nurse Line is staffed with Registered Nurses and provides triage, assessment of symptoms, translation services, call transfer to emergency services (crisis lines, ambulance), and referral to non-emergency programs (detox, outpatient counselling). Nurses also provide inter-rim self-care instructions for individuals who cannot immediately access counselling or medical services such as detox. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
BC Nurse Line
Phone: (604) 215-4700 (Vancouver)
Toll-free: 1(866) 215-4700 or 811
Deaf and Hearing-Impaired: 1(866) 889-4700 or 711
Website: http://find.healthlinkbc.ca/search.aspx?d=SV001032


Adult Atlin Detox Programs

Atlin Health Centre
Atlin Outpost Hospital
Third Street, Atlin
Phone: (250) 651-7677

Adult Campbell River Detox Programs

Evergreen House has four crisis stabilization beds that serve as social detoxification beds for women. Must be referred to these beds from the crisis nurse at Campbell River General Hospital.
Evergreen House
690 Evergreen Rd.
Campbell River, BC V9W 3R8
Phone: (250) 287-3791 (direct)
Phone: (250) 850-2141 (Intake – Ask to speak to the crisis nurse)

Second Chance has four crisis stabilization beds that also serve as social detoxification beds for men. The intake number above connects to Campbell River General Hospital.
Second Chance Support Recovery
647 Birch St.
Campbell River, BC
Phone: (250) 830-1103 (Direct Line)
Phone: (250) 850-2141 (Intake – ask to speak to the crisis nurse)

Adult Comox / Courtenay Detox Programs

The Substance Abuse Intervention Program provides social detoxification, screening, psychiatric assessment and brief intervention.
Substance Intervention Program
St. Joseph’s General Hospital
2137 Comox Avenue
Comox, BC, V9M 1P2
Phone: (250) 339-1573
Pager: (250) 703-9102

See also the Home Detox program section below.

Adult Cranbrook Detox Programs
See the Home Detox section below.

Adult Dawson Creek Detox Programs

The nearest medical detox in BC for residents of Dawson Creek is located in Prince George. Alternatively, there is Northern Addictions Centre (AADAC) in Grande Prairie, Alberta, phone (780) 538-6300 (24 hours).

Adult Duncan Detox Programs

Applicants must call the numbers provided and speak with the crisis or chemical dependency nurse to determine if acute medical detoxification is indicated. For more information see the Nanaimo section.

To access the medical detox in Nanaimo, Clearview Centre, contact the following phone numbers in Duncan:
Phone: (250) 737-2007 loc. 4272

Crisis Line: (250) 748-1133

Adult Kamloops Detox Programs

Phoenix Centre is a 20 bed facility which provides alcohol and drug medical detoxification for adults 19+. Alternative arrangements will be made for youth 13-18.
Phoenix Centre
922 3rd Avenue
Kamloops, BC V2C 6W5
Phone: (250) 374-4634
Text: (250) 320-0341 (M-F 9 am to 3:30 pm)
Toll-Free: 1(877) 318-1177
Fax: (250) 374-4621
Website: www.phoenixcentre.org
E-Mail: ksad@phoenixcentre.org

Adult Kelowna Detox Programs

Please note Crossroads Treatment Centre will be closing  June 30, 2012.
Crossroads Treatment Centre
123 Franklin Road
Kelowna, BC V1X 6A9
Phone: (250) 860-4001
Toll-free 1(866) 860-4001

Adult Nakusp Detox Programs

Arrow Lakes Hospital has a medical detox service.
Arrow & Slocan Lakes Mental Health & Addiction Services
Arrow Lakes Hospital
97 1st Avenue Northeast
Nakusp, BC
Phone: (250) 265-5253

Adult Nanaimo Detox Programs

Clearview Centre (12 beds) has a message line for clients wanting to be assessed for referral, (250) 739-5859. Messages are checked Monday to Friday 8:30 – 4:30, and on weekends call the crisis line or access medical support through their doctor, walk in or ER. Clearview is a non smoking medical detox, operated by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, providing medically supported withdrawal support and referrals to other support services.
Clearview Centre
967 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo
Phone: (250) 739-5891

See also the Home Detox section below.

Adult Parksville Detox Programs
See the Home Detox section below for Parksville detox.

Adult Port Alberni  Detox Programs

Port Alberni Intake provides a timely, single point of entry for all Port Alberni Mental Health and Addiction Services. If a client is eligible then home detox can be arranged, otherwise the client will be referred to the nearest hospital or to a medical withdrawal management centre. Assessment and other addictions services are offered at this location.
Port Alberni Intake Services
4780 Roger Street
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 3Z2
Phone: (250) 731-1311

Adult Port Hardy Detox Programs

Port Hardy Mental Health & Addiction Services has an 8 bed stabilization house for clients with substance abuse issues. Clients are visited daily by a nurse, and the house is staffed with trained professionals. Please call for assessment to determine eligibility.
Port Hardy Mental Health and Addiction Services
7070 Shorncliffe Avenue
Box 1290
Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0
Phone: (250) 902-6051

Adult Port McNeill Detox Programs

Port McNeill Mental Health and Addiction Services
2750 Kingcome Place
Box 548
Port McNeill, BC V0N 2R0
Phone: (250) 956-4461

Adult Prince George Detox Programs

The Adult Withdrawal Management Unity is for adults requiring medical detox or withdrawal management services.
Adult Withdrawal Management Unit
1308 Alward St.
Prince George, BC V2M 7B1
Phone: (250) 565-2175

For youth detox in Prince George see the Youth Detox section below.

Adult Quesnel Detox Programs

Quesst Unit is a 5-bed detox for adults requiring medical detox. A referral is required.
Quesst Unit
GR Baker Memorial Hospital
543 Front Street
Quesnel, BC V2J 2K7
Phone: (250) 985-5608

Adult Richmond Detox Programs
See the Home Detox Section below.

Adult Surrey Detox Programs

Creekside is the main detoxification unit for the Fraser Health Authority. Creekside is a 30-bed (24 adult, 6 youth beds) detox located on the grounds of Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre
13740 94 A Avenue
Surrey, BC V3V 1N1
Phone: (604) 587-3755 ext. 1 (adults)
Phone: (604) 587-3755 ext. 2 (youth)

Adult Tofino / Ucluelet Detox Programs

Westcoast is staffed with counsellors who can assist clients with referrals, funding and arrangements as required to access withdrawal management.
Westcoast Adult Mental Health and Addiction Services Team
272 Main Street, PO Box 277
Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0
Phone: (250) 726-1282

Adult Vancouver Detox Programs

For residents of Vancouver with addiction issues there is community health centres directly funded by VCHA that offer health care, addiction, and mental health services including methadone maintenance, primary care, treatment services for AIDS/HIV & other communicable diseases, and medical monitoring, refer to the Vancouver Medical Services section in sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca section.

Adult Victoria Detox Programs

For residents of Victoria with addiction issues there is community health centres directly funded by VIHA that offer health care, addiction, and mental health services including methadone maintenance, primary care, treatment services for AIDS/HIV & other communicable diseases, and medical monitoring, refer to the Victoria Medical Services section in sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca section.


Youth Campbell River Detox Programs

John Howard Society has a detox program for youth ages 12 to 19. The program is called 180 Degrees and provides home detox (daytox). This is a non-medical program. Youth may self-refer. After detox, youth may access a stabilization bed in a family care home to continue to address their drug and alcohol issues.
John Howard Society of North Island
#201 – 140 A 10th Avenue, Campbell River
Phone: (250) 286-0611
Website: http://jhsni.bc.ca/programs/180%20degrees.html

Youth Prince George Detox Programs

Nechako Youth Treatment has one youth bed in their medical detox. Call for availability. No referral required.
Nechako Youth Treatment
1308 Alward Street
Prince George, BC V2M 7B1
Phone: (250) 565-2881

Youth Surrey Detox Programs
See the Adult Surrey Detox Programs section above.


Chilliwack Home Detox Programs

Riverstone is a social detox home service. There are 4 stabilization beds (2 for men 2 for women). There are referrals made for medical withdrawal and into primary treatment programs. There is also a six week daytox program offered.
Riverstone Home/Mobile Detox & Daytox
1st floor – 45600 Menholm Road
Chilliwack General
Phone (604) 703-6986

Toll-free: 1(866) 795-0600

Comox / Courtenay Home Detox Programs

Addiction Services provides daytox withdrawal management services.
Addiction Services
941C England Avenue
Courtenay BC V9N 2N7
Phone: (250) 331-8524

Cranbrook Home Detox Programs

The Home Detox Program in Cranbrook allows withdrawal from alcohol or drugs at home. A screening process is done to determine program eligibility. When eligibility requirements are met, nurses with experience in the addictions field will arrange and monitor the home detox. Serves Cranbrook, Fernie, Invermere, Creston and Golden.

East Kootenay Addiction Services Society (EKASS)
Home Detox Program
202 – 1617 Baker St.
Cranbrook, BC V1C 1B4
Phone: (250) 417-6171 (chemical dependency program)
Phone: (250) 489-4344 (office)
Pager: (250) 417-8113
Website: www.ekass.com

Nanaimo Home Detox Programs

Access/Crisis Service hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday. Provides withdrawal management support but not on a residential basis.
Access/Crisis Services
203-2000 Island Highway North
(Brooks Landing Mall)
Nanaimo, BC V9S 5W3
Phone: (250) 739-5710

Parksville Home Detox Programs

Adult Addiction Services has outpatient withdrawal services which are provided with the support of Crisis Response Nursing, the Alcohol & Drug Nurse and community physicians.
Adult Addiction Services
249 W. Hirst Ave.
PO Box 1949
Parksville, BC V9P 2H7
Phone: (250) 947-8228

Richmond Home Detox Programs

Richmond Daytox is for youth and adults requiring detox from drugs and alcohol where clients stay during the day and go home at night. Clients may self refer.
Richmond Daytox
Richmond Addiction Services
170 – 5720 Minoru Boulevard
Richmond, BC
Phone: (604) 270-9220
In Richmond, if you are in crisis, please contact CHIMO Crisis Services at 604-279-7070.


Private Alcohol and Drug Detox Programs

Western Canada Detox provides rapid opiate detoxification under anesthesia for those struggling with withdrawal from heroin, methadone and other opiates. The assessment and the RODA are not covered by MSP, however, some extended medical plans do cover it under addiction treatment. The cost for the assessment is $1500.00. The cost for the RODA is $6800.00.Hours are 9:00 to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. If the client does not meet the requirements for RODA other withdrawal services will be recommended. Dr. Coleman requires that clients seeking withdrawal here be set-up with primary treatment following withdrawal.

Western Canada Detox Centre
207 – 301 East Columbia St
New Westminster, BC V3L 3W5
Phone: (604) 553-2262
Website: www.westerndetox.com
E-Mail: debbril@shaw.ca

Also in British Columbia, there is a private 5-day alcohol and drug detox located in Powell River, British Columbia. Sunshine Coast Health Center www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca, a private residential addiction treatment centre, now offers detox only. Please call toll-free 1(866) 487-9010 or email to info@schc.ca.